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ATS Freindly Resume Template

Creating an ATS-friendly resume is essential to ensure that your resume gets past the initial screening stage and reaches human recruiters. Here are some key tips to make your resume ATS-friendly:

1. Use a Simple Layout

  • Avoid Complex Formatting: Use a clean and simple layout with standard fonts (like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman) and font sizes (11-12pt for body text, 14-16pt for headings).
  • No Tables or Graphics: Avoid using tables, graphics, or images as ATS may not read them correctly.
  • Use Bullet Points: For lists and achievements, use bullet points to improve readability.

2. Optimize with Keywords

  • Use Job Description Keywords: Carefully read the job description and include relevant keywords and phrases that match the skills and qualifications required.
  • Use Industry Terms: Incorporate standard industry terms and jargon where appropriate.

3. Use Standard Headings

  • Common Headings: Use standard headings like “Work Experience,” “Education,” “Skills,” “Certifications,” and “Professional Summary.”
  • Consistent Formatting: Make sure your headings are clearly defined and consistently formatted.