Explore the Portugal Job Seeker Visa for a chance to live and work in this beautiful country. 

Invest in INR and Earn in Euros

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No language test, education/work requirements,  No age limit. 

Enjoy benefits with Family after getting work permit

The visa is valid for 180 days, providing ample time to find a job and apply for a residence permit

Apply at the Portuguese embassy by submitting required documents, and then wait for the decision.

Portugal offers a modest salary ranging from 30 to 35 lakhs INR

Plan early, research thoroughly, and be patient during the application process.

Visa holders must leave after 180 days. Reapplication possible after one year, with proof of registration and maintained stay conditions.

The Portugal Job Seeker Visa is your gateway to a new job opportunity in a welcoming country. Confirm any additional perks, like potential free bus tickets, for a smoother experience.